2013 Easter Raffle Winners

Admin - 20 March 2013

Easter Raffle is drawn.
The Lions Club of Brighton’s Easter Raffle for 2013 was drawn by our Youth of the Year participants at our regular members meeting on Monday night.

The winners were:
1st Prize: Bill Cantrell
2nd Prize: Peter Cantrell
3rd Prize: Wendy Barber

Congratulations to all of our winners.

Yet Another Member is Inducted

Admin - 20 March 2013

Penny Winch gets inducted
It was with great pleasure that I should become the sponsor for Penny Winch, a colleague of mine for about 7 years, at Monday’s club meeting.

Penny becomes our 6th new member in 4 months, an amazing effort from all of the Moneygram money transfer sponsors involved.

Membership renewal is such an important part of any Lions club and to have so many new members in such a short amount of time will bring new ideas, fresh views and renewed vitality to the club.

If you or someone you know would like to know more about joining Lions then please feel free to contact us.

Penny Winch gets inducted

Youth of the Year Quest

Admin - 20 March 2013

Lions Youth of the Year Quest
On Monday night we were lucky enough to be able to experience part of the Lions Youth of the Year Quest at our club meeting.

The Lions Club of Hobart Town attended our meeting with their two YOTY club level finalists and three judges to have private interviews and participate in the public speaking section.

The contestants were put through their paces in their private interviews, with each interview taking a considerable amount of time. After these were completed it was time for the public speaking portion of the evening. In front of our members and guests these two young ladies were presented with two impromptu questions for which they needed to speak for 2 minutes on each and they had prepared speeches that were 5 minutes long on any topic they liked.

Both contestants were amazing public speakers and both had great answers to their impromtu questions and fantastic, inspiring prepared speeches.

Congratulations to both of these young ladies.

Lions Help with Cancer Council’s Relay for Life

Admin - 18 March 2013

Glenorchy and Brighton Lions cooking a nice BBQ breakfast
I went to help the Glenorchy Lions club with the breakfast for the participants in the Cancer Councils Relay for Life on the 17th of March. I arrived shortly before 5am, and was met by very cold and damp conditions. Despite the unpleasant weather everyone was in good spirits, and very thankful for a nice hot breakfast! We cooked bacon and egg sandwiches, sausages, hamburgers, as well as having tea and coffee, and cereals available.

Many Lions clubs from the greater Hobart area assisted the Cancer Council in different ways over the weekend. Although we had no official role in the Relay preparation and running of the weekend long event, Brighton Lions helped to sell candles, drove cars to shuttle relay participants to and from the venue, and helped to prepare and serve breakfast.

There was an amazing amount of people who participated in the relay despite the weather, and I found it very moving to see so many people there who were willing to support such a good cause. I was especially moved by those sporting a sash to show that they have survived their battle with cancer, or who are carers of people with cancer. One little girl no more than 5 was wearing a purple banner with the word “survivor” on it.

It inspires me to have gone to an event that is coordinated so well by so many people and attended by such a large crowd, to help raise funds for a disease that affects so many people. I hope to be able to lend a hand at next year’s relay, and will definitely encourage our Moneygram fees club to be a part of it again.

Glenorchy and Brighton Lions serving breakfast to Relay participants.

Anne’s Chicken in Apricot Nectar (Blaze Aid 06/03/13)

Admin - 13 March 2013

1 kg chicken thighs or breast
1 pkt French Onion Soup
1 onion, sliced
1 tin 440g apricot halves in juice, cut again, juice reserved
1 teaspoon dried Basil
1 teaspoon Cummin
1 teaspoon Curry Powder
Any other spices you like

Cook onion until soft.
Brown chicken then add soup mix, basil, cummin, and any other spices you like, I also add some curry powder to taste.
Mix well through chicken then add the apricots, 500ml of the juice and nectar and stir well.
Can be cooked in the oven at 180