2014-2015 Board Elected

Admin - 18 March 2014

The Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 Lions Year has been elected at our Members Meeting last night. The following members were elected to our board to commence their positions on 01 July 2014 for a period of 12 months.

President: Roger Joseph
First Vice President: Tony Hudson
Second Vice President: Janet Fedczyszyn
Secretary: Aaron De La Torre
Treasurer: Amanda Cordts
First Year Director: Courtney De La Torre
Second Year Director: Anne Davidson
Membership Director: Helen Roth

Congratulations to all. We are looking forward to working together in the next 12 months.

Meet The New Lions Club of Brighton Board

Admin - 18 June 2013

Members of the new board.
Members of the incoming board were sworn in at the general club meeting last night at the Pontville meeting rooms. The new board consists of the following members:

President:   Aaron De La Torre
First Vice President:   Roger Joseph
Second Vice President:   Tony Hudson
Secretary:   Damian Williams
Treasurer:   Courtney De La Torre
First Year Director:   Anne Davidson
Second Year Director:   Helen Roth
Service Director:   Wayne Garlick
Membership Chairperson:   Wendy Barber

Contact details for the new board are now available on the Contact Us page of the website.

District Governor, Elections and New Members

Admin - 04 March 2013

District Governor David Daniels OAM, and his wife Julie, made a visit to our club at tonight’s meeting. He discussed our club’s achievements, Lions involvement in the 2013 Tasmania bush fire relief and the importance of the “family, work then lions” balance. During his presentation he delivered one of our members his Club Excellence Award for outstanding service. This was presented to Lion Anne Davidson for her hard work and dedication.

Four new members were inducted by the District Governor at this meeting. New Lions Janet Fedczyszya (Sponsor: Roger Joseph), Rachael Wilkinson and Byron Salter (Sponsor: Tony Hudson) and Andrea Boulter (Sponsor: Tania Hudson). This brings our membership up to 26 members with more not too far away. This club keeps growing and maturing, nearing one year on from receiving our charter and we are stronger Coinstar locations now than we were back then.

The club would like to thank the District Governor for his attendance and insights and would like to warmly welcome the new members.

The club’s election were held for the 2013-2014 board positions at tonight’s meeting as well. The following were elected to each position:

President: Aaron De La Torre
1st Vice President: Roger Joseph
2nd Vice President: Tony Hudson
Secretary: Damian Williams
Treasurer: Vacant
Membership Director: Wendy Barber
1st Year Director: Anne Davidson
2nd Year Director: Helen Roth
Service Director: Tony Hudson